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Leaky gut
In case, you are suffering from this particular condition and you just have not been able to ward it off and cure it for good, then you should seriously consider changing your entire diet because this is probably where the problem lies.
Whole Foods and Nothing but the Whole Foods
Due to the nature of the leaky gut, a person suffering from it should eat only what is best for them and what will not make the entire condition only worse. Therefore, when it comes to most recommendable food types a person should without a doubt stick to, fresh meat and lots of vegetables are must. Also what is acceptable and highly advisable is consuming “loads” of fruits (fresh to be more precise), seeds, nuts and minimal grains. But all this will not be productive and will have no effect unless a person in question is consuming and taking in, one way or another, proteins that are as much as possible high in proteins originating from animals. Other kinds of food like processed food, for example, abound in harmful chemicals and filters. These may actually be at the bottom of your problem and could be the main culprits of all the occurring symptoms. Therefore the best thing to do is to keep away from this type of food.
Properly “Size” Your Meals
Given the fact that none of us actually has the same DNA within him, the diets we follow are also predetermined to differentiate in almost each and every aspect. There are people who are in greater need of protein rich food, whereas others are in need of carbs rich food. Some even find themselves to be in the top form when combining those two mentioned in the line above. Therefore, each and every one of us should make his own programme and discover what type of nutrient substances s/he actually needs in order to function properly. One of the good testing methods is the technique of having a go at the both extremes.
Avoiding Food Allergies is a Must
When a person is suffering from leaky gut, then it is known that s/he is also suffering from some kind of food allergy. Thus, the best way to avoid falling under the influence of the condition in question is to exclude from your daily diet all foods that you are even potentially allergic to, so you could prevent a possible hasty response of your immune system.

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