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Many of us won’t understand the importance of the gut until it is endangered, since it is one of the vital organs which play a great role in also vital process of digestion and metabolism. Only slightly damaged balance of the flora of the intestines leads to the disorders of these processes and this organ. Additionally, if there are some cracks on the walls of the gut, the harmful following particles of the eaten foods are free to enter the blood circulation (the condition is popularly named the Leaky Gut) and thus, consequently, spread over the whole organism, creating the damage which is almost irreparable.

Fortunately, this will trigger the immune system to react, but, unfortunately, the immunity will be weakened as well. The biggest problem is, however, the people become aware of this condition only after the complications already happen. Also, there are a lot of somewhat general indicators that follow the Leaky Gut, such as flatulence, burping, rash, cramps, and the pain could be located almost anywhere on the body. Also, the psychological problems are included, especially, the ones which could be understood as the irritations.

It is also important to realize which are the associated conditions, and the most common are the malignant tumor of the colon, the disorders of the muscular tissue, the troubles with the kidneys, ulcers in the colon, the apparition of the acne vulgaris, the problems with the skin and joints, and autism. And, therefore, it should be remembered which are the most frequent provokers of this condition. So, it is good to stay away from the particles that could cause allergic reactions, the anti-inflammatory drugs, the unhealthy eating habits and all the other things which are prone to lead do the disruption of the gut’s flora.


So, because this condition is not easily treatable, the smarter option is to focus on the prevention of such a scenario. That is, one should stay away from the substance called gluten (causes allergic response in many people), which could be found in grains; the protein lecithin (has the harmful effect on the immune system), refined sugars and carbohydrates (because they may increase the amount of the harmful bacteria and thus disrupt the mentioned sensitive balance of the flora), and of course, one should avoid the chemicals which are added in the processing of the foods.

Instead of that, the beneficial dietary regime must contain a lot of veggies and fruits in the raw form, the Omega-3 fatty acids, yogurt (since it is rich in the ‘’good’’ bacteria). And all the beneficial foods mustn’t be used exclusively, that is, the diet must be consisted of the various groceries. Besides that, certain enzymes could be added into the diet as the supplements.

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