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Overweight cats

If a cat is overweight, then the best idea is probably to put it on a dry food diet. However, it is the important to not pick the cheapest dry food available, but to buy quality food for the cat, because the cheap, generic varieties of dry cat food can often lead to even more health problems for the cat.

There are many dry cat foods that are both high in quality and meet the dietary needs of the overweight cat.

There is a good and easy test for seeing if a cat is too fat. Running the fingers down the side of the cat is a good idea, and if the person can fell the ribs easily, then the cat is not overweight. However, if a cat has a big belly and a lot of extra weight around its hips, it is probably overweight.

Diet food for cats

The best thing to do in order for a cat to lose weight is not to feed them less, but to find food that is specifically formulated for reducing their weight.

However, there are many foods that are designed for weight loss but lack the proteins that are essential for the good health of the cat. Instead of the protein, there is cheap filler material, which is usually hard for the cat to digest, as well.

When selecting dietary food for the cat, it is best to make sure that the food does not contain meat byproducts, corn or wheat, because these are foods that cats cannot digest properly.

High quality brands

There are many high quality brands of cat food to choose from, however, there are some that are better than others. When looking to buy a dietary food for the overweight cat, it is important to choose the protein source that the cat likes best to eat. However, if the cat cannot eat dry food, no matter how great the quality of the brand, then this perhaps is not the best diet for the cat, and an alternative methods needs to be tried out.

The Wellness bran offers several dietary formulas that have a large amount of protein as well, which usually comes from de-boned and skinned chicken, turkey and salmon. The food also contains oat fiber, which gives the cat a lot of added nutrients without the calories.

Their Health Weight formula uses chicken and oat fiber in order to reduce calories by 30 percent in comparison to other dry cat food varieties.

It also has a brand of complementary wet food, which can be used to entice the cat to eat if it does not like the dry food. Mixing the two will help make the cat find the dietary food more appealing in some cases.

Natural Balance and Innova also have dry dietary cat food that is highly recommended and is similarly healthy to the food produced by Wellness.

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