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The body produces natural serotonin when it digests foods that contain tryptophan, a natural amino acid, and it is usually found in foods rich in proteins, such as milk, eggs and meats. Having these foods in our diet is very important since the body can not supply serotonin on its own. Natural serotonin has a relaxing and nurturing effect on the nervous system, whereas the lack of it may cause feeling depressed and/or anxious.

The importance of tryptophan

Other than protein-rich food, tryptophan can also be found in whey protein drinks and powders as well as dietary supplements, which is probably another reason for the general happiness and good mood of athletes and bodybuilders, other than the endorphin their bodies produce when they work out. Whey protein is also beneficial because it is rich in all of the amino acids our body needs to function well.

People affected with depression and anxiety in the U.S. have long used tryptophan dietary supplements as a form of medicine for their condition, but at a certain point in time there were some problems with one of the manufacturers and all tryptophan supplements were banned, thus forcing people to turn to prescription drugs instead. Nowadays, it is available again.

The best way to make your diet serotonin-friendly is to make sure your meals contain those ingredients that are rich in tryptophan, especially turkey. Furthermore, it is advisable that you drink whey protein shakes with one of your meals, and you will easily allow your body to produce the natural serotonin it needs. In case you are not up for a serotonin diet, you can always take tryptophan dietary supplements that are once again available.

The connection between serotonin and weight loss

Serotonin can help with weight loss in more ways than one. First of all, feeling happy and satisfied usually means less desire for food, especially comfort food, which always includes fat meat, sweets, sodas etc.

Furthermore, anxiety is often the main cause for overeating. But the most important thing is still to have a proper and healthy nutritional intake, since it is directly connected with some of the most frequent diseases nowadays, such as ADHD, depression, memory loss, different kind of headaches, migraines, chronic fatigue, dementia, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, etc. Pure fish oil capsules are also a product that will both improve your health and the functions of your brain, as well as help you maintain a healthy diet.

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