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Cholesterolis a type of matter in the blood, and it enters the human circulatory system asa product of the liver and as a substance taken in through food. Human bodiesare capable of processing lipids, and in this process cholesterol is produced. Theamount of cholesterol that is created in the liver is typically quite enoughfor the entire human body. However, when we take in foodstuffs that containcholesterol, its level gets increased. Foods that contain cholesterol includedifferent meats, entrails, egg yolk, non-skimmed milk, and other fatty dairyproducts in general.

Cholesterollevels and dietary habits

People whosuffer from elevated levels of cholesterol in blood need to follow a specialnutrition plan if they plan to avoid harmful high levels of cholesterol andsubsequent hazardous consequences. These people should consume food thatcontains as little saturated fat as possible, and food which is high in solublefibers. Where can we encounter cholesterol in food? It is to be found in somemeats, eggs, dairy products that have not been skimmed etc. Because of theaforementioned, people with high levels of cholesterol need to limit theirintake of fatty foods.

There aresome foods that are encouraged in the diet of people with high cholesterol,and some that need to be restricted or even avoided completely. For example,those with diagnosed high cholesterol should have phytosterols in their diet.They can be found in some plants – fruits and vegetables. What is also recommendedis oat. Not only does it contain insignificant amounts of saturated fat, italso directly decreases the level of cholesterol in blood.

Among thefoods that are recommended for consuming in the diet of people who seek tolower their cholesterol we have lean meat types. When preparing lean meat, itis best if you removed excessive fat tissue. The best way to prepare it is togrill so as to get rid of the redundant quantities of fat. Chicken meat is verydesirable in the diet, provided you remove the skin, which is very fatty.

Be carefulwith consumption of eggs. Remove yolks from your diet entirely, and consumeonly egg whites. Also, be cautious with cheeses. Always opt for those with lowlevel of fat – cottage cheese, mozzarella, for example. As we have previouslymentioned, careful with dairy products. You can consume milk, yogurt and otherproducts provided they have been made of skimmed milk, since milk fat candrastically elevate the level of cholesterol in your body.

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