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Mixing it properly - basics

When it comes to combining different varieties of food and avoiding stomach disorder, certain rules need to be followed. This will not only keep your stomach hale and hearty, but you as well. Behind these rules is a set of various specific physiological ideas that aid in a proper combination of food, and the digestive system itself as well. Quite a lot of people do not pay that much attention to what they consume, ending all too often with foods that are high in carbohydrates, fats and proteins. From this, one can be conclude that improper food combination can bring about numerous digestive related issues, as well as unwanted stomach related disorders. Another quite evident downside of this is excessive weight gain. For this reason, food experts, dietitians and nutritionists came up with specific regulations that should be followed each time when combining different varieties of food, in order to avoid unwanted ailments.

Skillfulness as easy as one, two, three

The purpose of these specific food-combining regulations is to facilitate and improve people’s comprehension of food groups that can provide a person with the nutrition needs to remain hale and hearty. In order to make the things a bit simpler, here are some very useful pieces of advice on what should and what should not be mixed together:

Starches ≠ acids – these do need to be consumed separately, because in case they are mixed together, it will induce fermentation leading to indigestion, since acids are known to neutralize the alkaline medium essential for successful starch molecules digestion. Proteins ≠ acids – need to be consumed separately as well, because acids are known to inhibit the secretion of digestive juices, acidic in nature as well, and this induces hindrances in the digestion of proteins. Due to this, there occurs secretion of poisons and odor by proteins because of the decomposition of bacteria. Protein rich food ≠ carbohydrates – should not be mixed, exactly out of the same reasons as mentioned above. Proteins ≠ fats – do not go well together at all and thus this combination is to be avoided at all costs, for proteins and acid induce putrefaction and indigestion. Sugars ≠ starch – it is another combination to avoid due to the well-known fact that sugars affect the proper production of ptyalin (an enzyme), which is crucial when it comes to proper digestion of starch.

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