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In this article, we will tell you about an experience of a young woman who had bad experience with belly button piercing. How many of young girls have wished to do a belly button piercing once in their life? Some of them have done it, but some still hesitate. So, young ladies, before deciding to visit a tattoo artist read this article.

How it all began

This girl was in her best age. She lived with her boyfriend, had job and was experiencing life in the best possible way. One of the fun experiences was supposed to be getting her belly button pierced. She chose a tattoo artist, and despite her fear from needles, she took the last atoms of her courage and visited him. Because of her fear of needles, she decided to do it on her own, so that her friends would not see how afraid and nervous she was. After telling the tattooist what she wanted, she was left to choose amongst temporary rings that were on display. He told her that she is supposed to wear a temporary ring for a few months and then she can put a larger one, and that it was due to the fact that a body needs some time to get used to a new object.

What happened

The piercing itself was not as terrible as she imagined. She did not feel severe pain as she expected, and it was finished very quickly. After the piercing was over, the tattooist gave her a list of instructions that she had to follow. That list included the appliance of antibiotic ointment, removal of the ring if anything unusual occurred within that area, restrain from pulling the ring. She did not take these instructions as something of high importance because she thought that piercing could not cause some serious complication. The following day, she noticed that something strange was happening with the place where the ring was. The third day after the piercing, the area was warm to touch so she called tattooist to consult. He called to visit him, and after examining her, he sent her immediately to a doctor’s office. There, the doctor explained her that her body was rejecting the ring and due to that, the flash was eating itself trying to remove from the ring. She experienced a rare allergic reaction. She had to drink antibiotics for seven days and an ugly scar was a reminder of what might have happened.

The doctor also explained her how much danger can a belly button piercing bring, and that the outcome can even be death. So, if you are thinking about getting your belly button pierced, you should be aware of all the possible risks and dangers. If you are sensitive to jewelry, you are more likely to reject piercing. And if you are aware of all of the above, and still want to proceed, then take good care and monitor recovery of the pierced area.

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