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People wanted beautiful bodies from the beginning of time. For some, the way to have beautiful body was ink drawings and for others – jewelry. Nothing has changed and people in the 21st century still want to be more beautiful than ever. Only the methods have changed, so now they use benefits of plastic surgery, tattoos and place jewelry on different parts of the body.

Belly button ring is not for weak at heart. It certainly hurts to get such a ring and the procedure must be done by a professional. By doing so, you will prevent potential damage of the tissue, scarring and different infections. Sometimes you may end up with belly button infection after piercing. If you notice pain and tenderness or some redness and swelling you are having infection. Some people complain even about slight touch of the affected area. In certain cases, infections may also cause pus, bleeding and/or greenish discharge. You must take care of this problem or it could complicate further and form abscess.

Prevention Methods

As we already stated, if you want a belly button ring visit a trained professional and let him or her do the procedure. For a while after the piercing, make sure to touch that area only if your hands are clean and maintain belly button clean as well. Don’t wear clothes which might tug or pull the jewelry from the belly button to avoid any injuries and possible infections.

Make sure to dry belly button area carefully after every shower or swimming and use antiseptic to clean that area sometimes. Avoid wearing metal in the belly button if you are allergic, since this is one of the most common causes of belly button ring infections.

Treatment of Belly Button Ring Infection

Make sure the wound is covered and always wash your hands before dealing with belly button infection.

Keep infected area clean and use warm compresses to ease blood flow and aid pus drainage. Carefully wipe the pus that has drained, using some sterilized cotton. After that, you might apply antibiotic ointment or powder on the problematic area.

If warm compress doesn’t drain the pus, use hydrogen peroxide or salt water. These remedies should drain the pus from the wound and also relieve pain and swelling you are feeling.

This type of infection should resolve in matter of day or two at most, so if it doesn’t improve, visit your doctor and ask for some prescription antibiotics to solve the problem. Serious infections may require removal of the jewelry from the belly button.

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