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Belly Button Piercing Craze

It is a well known fact that bodypiercings were present in human cultures since time immemorial.However, during the previous century, they were considered quiteinappropriate and awkward, only to become inseparable parts of ourmodern time fashion. Namely, today, more and more people decide tohave some of their body parts pierced. Moreover, women often decidetheir navel is the best place for a piercing, attracting otherpeople's sight to these sensual parts of their bodies. Therefore,before piercing their navel, they are troubled by many questions,mostly regarding the pain during the piercing process as well as someother possible issues.

Pain While Having Your Belly ButtonPierced

First and foremost, all of us haveindividual pain thresholds. Therefore, not all of us experience painin an equal manner. Rather, what is painful for some, may be mildlyirritating or completely harmless of others. The same goes for navelpiercing. While some people experience significant amounts of painand discomfort during the procedure, others claim that they did notfeel a thing. Therefore, the whole pain issue may not be presentedgenerally. Nevertheless, there are several things one might do inorder to reduce possible presence of pain while having his or herbelly button pierced.

Means of Precaution

Once you decide you want to have thispiece of jewelry inside your navel, there are several things neededto be taken into consideration, if you want the best and the safesteffect, reducing risks from infections or other complications.Firstly, make sure you choose a right piercing parlor as well as theright piercing artist. Ask for recommendations, and see the work of aspecific artist before you indulge into it yourself. Unskilled artistor unhygienic conditions may all cause problems, some more seriousthan the others. Secondly, choose the right jewelry, avoiding bones,silver, wood, and nickel.

Treatment and Pain Relief

Although you may not experience painduring the piercing process, you are likely to feel it afterwards.Therefore, you may need painkillers while your wound is still fresh.Also, you need to follow the sanitary instructions given to you byyour piercing artist.

Firstly, do not use any products ableto irritate your navel wound. The best way to clean your piercing isby using an antibacterial soap and water. Do this at least once everyday. You may use a solution of water and salt for cleaning the woundas well. Avoid using antibiotics, exposing your piercing to clotheswhich may irritate it or pull it and take good care of which cosmeticproducts you are using, choosing those which are safe. Finally, donot touch it, or jerk the piece of jewelry. If you must, make sureyour hands are clean.

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