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Treating bellybutton ring infections

An infection caused by a bellybutton ring needs to be treated immediately and it needs to be taken very seriously as well.

Even though it sounds like a good idea to take out the ring, this is exactly what should not be done. If the ring is removed then the hole will shut and the pus will not be able to drain out of it.

If this happens it can result in a very painful abscess, or an infection that occurs under the skin.

Symptoms of an abscess include a great amount of pain, swelling and a darkening and hardening of the tissue that surrounds the piercing.

It needs to be treat with oral antibiotics, but in some cases, if the abscess is really bad, it will have to be removed surgically.

An abscess can even form is the ring is not taken out, especially, if the piercing is incredibly swollen or the ring is very tight around the piercing.

In order to increase blood circulation a hot compress can be used. Blood circulation to the area is vital in order for the infection to drain properly.

A good idea is to soak the piercing in hot salt water as well, and in doing this, use a teaspoon of table salt in eight ounces of water.

Also it is important to make sure that the container being used for the mixture is completely sterile and disinfected.

Hot compresses should be disposable and good materials to use are cotton balls or bandages.

It is a good idea to use hydrogen peroxide in order to drain the pus and clear the infection. There are antiseptic creams that can be purchased over the counter to treat mild infections, however, they should not be used for an extended period of time.

If the situation gets worse and a systemic infection occurs, which is when the infection spreads to other parts of the body through the blood, then oral and intravenous antibiotics will be needed immediately so a person must call the doctor or head to the hospital as soon as such a problem occurs, because it can be potentially fatal. Prevention

The best way to prevent getting a bellybutton infection is by keeping the area as clean as possible at all time. The belly button needs to be washed at least twice a day with anti-bacterial soap, because this will help remove anything that can potentially cause an infection.

It is also to stay out of pools, Jacuzzis and hot tubs for the time being, because such places are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

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