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A few words about piercings

Nowadays there are a lot of the discussions and pros and cons about the subject of the new fashion of piercing certain bodily parts with the jewelry. It is so widespread new thing among the younger population, that also very common are the negative consequences and the complications associated with healing the injury which is made because of making a hole through the skin. The complications are very likely to happen if the piercing is not performed properly and if the accessories are not sterile. That is why this intervention should be done by the person who inspires a lot of confidence and only if the person to be pierced is sure about the sterility of the piercing tools and jewelry.

Anyway, one of the most popular places to put the piercing into, is the belly button, which is also known as the navel piercing. First of all, it should be pointed out that the diabetes patients mustn't do the piercing, and if they even try it, the body will literally eject it, as any unwanted foreign body.

The healing process

The most important thing, however, is to realize that the piercing is, in fact, a type of the injury, which needs to be healed. Besides the possible infections, the most troublesome thing about this particular pierced place is the slow and risky process of the regeneration of the wound.

Right after the procedure is done, the normal response of the body is manifested as the apparition of the redness, swelling, itch and certain amount of secrete around the affected area. After some time the secrete and the blood hardens so that the bleeding could be ceased. Only after this moment, it is recommendable to do something about the wound. And, taking care about it should include only the regular washing of the area with the soap that annihilates the bacteria and applying the simple salty water over it, 3 times on a daily basis. During this period, one should restrain from any touching activities, which include rubbing it with a tight shirt, for example.

Only when the scab is removed naturally, by itself, the process of the regeneration of the skin will start. At this point, it is also recommendable to stay away from the aggressive cosmetic products and to wash the area with the same old antibacterial soap. But, the wound will be completely healed and the skin totally regenerated after the long period of about 5 months, and during that period, besides the regular cleaning, it is necessary to keep it away from humidity and water.

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