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Nowadays, piercings are normalaccessories, especially to those who have them. In present time, its an itemof fashion or perhaps, in some cultures, that of tradition. Whateverthe cause or the reason might be, piercings are more and more seen ondifferent parts of people's bodies, some more innovative than theother. Although this beauty mark for some is a way of life and lookat aesthetics in general, one must be aware that with certain bodyparts pierced with metal jewelry there can be a certain danger forthe health of its bearer. Here, possible issues of naval, or bellybutton, piercings will be discussed.

Getting informed before such anendeavor such as naval piercing is, may be the best precaution; askpeople who have it how did they cope with or did they even have anycomplications, since possible complications are many.

Naval, although an attractive andeasily exposed, yet extraordinary, place to be pierced, is a verysensitive spot at the first place. Its location causes it to be movedand bent significantly during every day actions, making the piercinghard to heal, leaving the door left for numerous infections caused byoverstraining, sweat, dirt or poor hygiene and numerous otherfactors. Additionally, it can take up to one year to completely healmaking this quite a bother some fact. Primarily, the cause ofinfection might be, as in most cases, unsterilized equipment used inthe piercing parlor or an unskilled person performing the piercingplacement. That being said, be careful when choosing the place forgetting pierced and pay extra attention to the possible risks and theprevention of infections.

The healing process can be interruptedby bleeding caused by a nerve or blood vessel damage and might needmedical assistance if it remains persistent or strong. Also, whilehealing scar tissue might cause problems within your regular tissue and adding on to the list of piercing troubles.

Since piercing jewelry is made frommany different kinds of metal and alloys there is a danger ofallergic reaction of your body to some of them. Some people can haveall kinds of metal in their naval while some other might be better with titanium or gold since they do not tarnish. Jewellry size is alsoa significant factor. Being too big or too small, the piercing maycause damage to the pierced spot, make sure it fits perfectly andreduce the possibility of damage.

Finally, all things in life come withcertain precautions and this same rule goes for beauty. Take care ofall the marks, in your body so as to enjoy life with them.

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