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Did you know that there is a plastic surgery for the belly button? It is called umbilicoplasty procedure. This procedure improves the visual look of the belly button.

A pretty belly button is a better visual experience than a belly button with jewellery. A belly button procedure is simple and quick procedure and many people doing it. The procedure may be performed at the same time as a tummy tuck.

Umbilicoplasty is a “belly button surgery” that is performed on people who feel good in certain type of low cut clothing that open up and uncovers the belly button in the process.

This is a reconstructive surgery that corrects and enhances the size and shape of belly button. The operation is very important for women who want to look good pierced or desire to decorate their belly buttons with body jewellery, and want to have celebrity belly buttons. It is basically a classic cosmetic surgery.

Reasons for Belly Button Surgery

Depending on how the umbilical cord was severed due to a birth, the belly button can look unattractive. The categorization is based by “innie” or “outie” type of belly button. With the “innie belly button,” there are remains of the shrunken umbilical cord. The “outie” belly button is where the cord creates a mound that caused it to appear unshapely or limply. A beautiful belly button considers the “innie” with a symmetrical vertical slit. There are a list of reasons of why women want to look out for umbilicoplasty and get a belly button surgery.

A small hernia can make belly button stick out more than it is usual.A belly button that is somehow connected with some kind of accident in the past.A belly button that has a different shape because of a big weight loss or big weight gain.A recessed button that looks shifted and has wrinkles to one side.A belly button reshaped because of pregnancy or woman who had a Caesarean section due to childbirth.A belly button can mishappen right from the birth.A tummy tuck that changed the look of the belly button.A belly button that cannot be pierced because there are no folds of skin to attach jewellers.

A Consultation and Procedure

A procedure before the surgery starts with the patient choosing the shape of the future to be belly button. Surgeons will always recommend a vertical slit shape with a little arrow shape. The procedure lasts 1 or 2 hours under local anaesthesia, but in case with intolerance to pain it is allowed to use sedative intravenously. The incision is made in the cavern of the navel. The procedure causes no discomfort or bruising, and stitches simply dissolve in days or so.

An umbilicoplasty is the safest, simplest and the most inexpensive plastic surgery that has ever existed. People with history of bleeding that can not be controlled or a disorder of the immune system, a psychological illness that resorts to self esteem problems shouldn’t have belly button surgery. The procedure can not be compromised by pregnancy or extreme weight gain, or perhaps surgery of the abdomen.

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