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Nose piercing

Nose piercing, as a modern form of body art, is very popular among teenagers today. However, the risk of contracting a nose piercing infection is high.

It is extremely important to undergo an appropriate treatment in every case when nose piercing results in infection. The first signs of infection often include a development of bump in the area near the piercing and in some cases; individuals may experience a pus like discharge. Touching of the pierced area may also contribute to infection.

Symptoms of infection

It takes two to four weeks to heal a nose piercing. In that period a little redness and inflammation of the area is nothing unusual. However, every severe infection begins with a little redness and it is followed by development of a bump and discharge pus and blood. Touching the area may provoke pain and the piercing may appear hot and swollen while the surrounding tissue appears to be puffy. In severe cases, individual may complain about dizziness, high fever, and nausea.

Treatment of infected nose piercing

Treatment of the nose piercing infection is simple and it can be done at home, but if it lasts more than a week patient should visit a general practitioner. Prevention of the infection is the best possible cure. In this manner, an individual should avoid touching the piercing, especially if the hands are not clean. Any clothing that may be exposed to the piercing should be clean. It is important to choose a piece of jewelry that is made of material that suits an individual.

Allergies to certain materials will result in an inflammatory process of the pierced area. The piercing should be cleaned frequently in a hygienic way. The lukewarm water and mild soap will help remove the dirt. After the cleaning process, an individual should apply salt water to the piercing to help in faster recovery of the tissue. Another important thing is to keep moving the piece of the jewelry often, so that the pierced hole may develop properly.

One should always choose a professional piercing studio and make sure that the piercing tools are appropriate and sterilized. One of the main reasons for nose piercing infection is use of unclean and unsterilized equipment. However, if the infection becomes serious it is important to remove the nose ring or the stone. It would be better to go back to the piercing professional and restrain from removing it at home. In left untreated, nose-piercing infection, like any other infection, may lead to serious complications.

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