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As your baby is growing inside your body, be prepared for a lot of unexpected physical changes! One of the most funny pregnancy signs is your belly button "popping" outwards. This can happen during the second or the third trimester. Your growing uterus not only squishes your vital organs and forces your body to perform internal acrobatics; changes can be seen on the outside as well. Many women notice that their belly button suddenly starts protruding!

Not every woman gets a protruding belly button in pregnancy, and for those that do have this symptom, it is unpredictable exactly when it will happen. If your naval does pop outwards, it is caused by the size and position of your baby. If he or she is putting constant pressure on your belly button, it is no wonder that something will have to give in the end; and it is not your baby! A "pregnancy outie" is nothing to worry about. If you are concerned that your belly button will stay that way forever, put those fears aside!

Just like any pregnancy hip pain and aching joints will disappear, and pregnancy incontinence will be a thing of the past once you have a sweet little baby, your belly button will also make its way back inward! If you have a naval piercing, now is the time to take it out. Your stretching skin can be damaged by body jewelry if you leave it in place. For women without pierced belly buttons, there is no need to undertake any particular action. A pregnancy outie might be a sign that your skin is also being put under pressure, so keeping it hydrated with creams might just help a bit in fighting stretch marks.

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