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Excessive Sweating While Sleeping

Unless your sleeping quarters are extremely hot or your blanket is too thick, your overnight sweating may be called hyperhidrosis, which is considered to be a medical condition of sorts. Namely, every time you are nervous, troubled by tomorrow's or today's problems while you lie in bed to sleep, you are almost bound to experience sweating and bad sleep during the course of the night. What is more, there might be other causes behind your sweating problems. Thus, they should not be ignored but, rather, taken care of. Many people ignore these sweating issues and hope that they will be gone one day. However, it is best to react with an adequate treatment instead of waiting for hyperhidrosis to pester you for the rest of your life.

Signs of Hyperhidrosis

Basically, the main sign is sweating. This can take place under your armpits, over your face, covering the area of your hands and palms and even appearing on the surface of your feet. So, sweat during night is the main indicator and it can be present on all these spots.

Reasons Behind Hyperhidrosis

One of the worst case scenarios causing this problem may be tuberculosis, the infection and inflammation leading to your organism's sweating. Next, various hormonal changes during menopause or some other conditions in life may all lead to excessive sweating overnight. Another grim cause of this condition may be a lymphoma, which is a type of cancer. However, stress and inadequate sleeping conditions are, quite often, the main and only causes of excessive sweating while sleeping. Additionally, some medications may have night sweats as their side-effect. Some of these are anti-depressants, birth control pills, Viagra and others.

How To Deal with Hyperhidrosis?

Once you tend to wake up often, troubled by your excessive sweating, you might keep a glass of cool, soothing water next to your bed. Drink it once you wake up and go back to sleep feeling much better. Alternatively, you might keep the water cool by placing ice into the glass. Then, once you are troubled by your body heat, you might press your wrists against the glass, cooling your blood and making your sweating stop, re-establishing temperature balance. Modify your sleeping quarters so that they have a constant flow of fresh air and be cool and pleasant for you to sleep in.

Moreover, if you are a woman in menopause, black cohosh, a miraculous herb for menopause and all the hardships of it, might just do the trick. Others might try relaxing with a chamomile or valerian tea.

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