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The Resolution which Never BecomesReality

The New Year's Eve is a time when anold year, with all the bad things that happened, is left behind.Thus, a new year is coming, bringing only positive things for us toenjoy. And this is why many people make resolutions they hopethat they will manage to achieve.

However, these resolutions are quiteshort lasting. Soon enough, life bangs us on the head and we realizethat there is no chance of making our resolutions come true. Still,there is a chance that we might be doing something wrong.

Statistics say that an average NewYear's resolution lasts for about three weeks after which we stopbeing on a diet, return to debts again or quit whichever sport wehave decided to take up. However, this does not necessarily have tobe so. Rather, we can change this by making one true resolution at atime and giving our best to make it a constant part of our lives.

How To Make Resolutions

Many make mistakes wanting too much ortoo little. When we want something that is easy to achieve we fail tohave enough motivation and therefore fail. On the other hand, havinggoals which are not realistic makes us stand crushed and exhausted, ultimately leading to a failure again. Thus, something needs to be donedifferently.

Basically, you need to really want thechanges you are going to work on. If you desire to lose weight, thinkabout it and think whether you really, really want it. Once you trulydesire this, make sure you devise your plans carefully. Be prepared,know that this will take time and sacrifice and do not rush anythingor accept a quick fix. Rather, accept your resolution, change yourlifestyle and stick to the changes you make, until you achieve thedesired result and even after that.

Therefore, all you need to do is tohave clear goals you truly want to achieve. Then, give 100% of yourcapabilities, strength and will-power to achieve these goals. Takingone goal at the time is the best possible tactic since it lets youplan out the process completely, paying attention to details,nurturing the strength of your resolution.

Upon achieving what you had in store,move on to something else about your life you would like to change.Plan it out, take all the necessary measures and praise yourself onceyou manage to deal with all the problems you might have, throughthese creative and strong resolutions.

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