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Ways of a Narcissist

Those who happen to live with narcissists, whether being married to them or close to them in any other way, can easily suffer most of their lives and have serious confidence issues due to the inferiority narcissists impose on them. These people, however, should not suffer this way, since narcissism is a mental condition and, regardless of the fact that narcissists do not desire to hurt other people, they do. Therefore, you should know how to use the traits of narcissism for your own benefit.

How to Control a Narcissist

Since many people fall in love with narcissists because they seem unique and interesting, they later cannot manage to stop loving them, regardless of the hardships they endure and the hard times they are exposed to while living with narcissists. Therefore, one needs to get in complete control over these controlling people. This can be done by praising and admiring the narcissists to the point of absurd. Still, while other people might consider this funny and transparent, a narcissist, who wants your absolute love and devotion, will feel great about this and will be obedient to your wishes and demands. Thus, since there is no other way of getting through these people, use this method if you are to get something from narcissists. Moreover, this will show their true faces, since their behavior is bound to be apparently immature, possibly forcing you to come to your senses.

As for leaving these people for good, you would need a good strategy for this operation. Namely, since you cannot just go out of a narcissist's life, insulting him/her, because this will result in a war this person is likely to win, you need to think ahead. The thing that will work is gradually showing less and less love and affection towards the narcissist. Once this person realizes he/she is no longer a subject of your absolute adoration, he/she will move on to find somebody else. Now, that is when you are to start being deceitful as well. Upon breaking up, you should not find someone else and let the narcissist know it, nor should you expose this person to any awkward situations, making him/her want revenge. Rather, you should pretend to be suffering without your narcissist, sending him/her heartbroken messages and calling him in “tears”. This will feed this persons ego so much, he/she will be glad to let you go, since his/her superiority has been verified.

Final summation is, basically, pretend you are doing everything for a narcissist, while, at the same time, you are plotting your own plan against this person, leaving him/her, and stopping this childlike agony of a relationship.

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