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If a person is lacking energy all the time or is having problems falling asleep or has bags under the eyes, then there is a reason to think that he or she is having too much toxins in his or her body. Some of the other clues include skin rashes, acne, digestive problems, constipation, internal infections and premature wrinkles. Everybody is exposed to various toxins all the time but a person can help his or her body by cleansing and detoxifying on a regular basis.

The process of getting rid of the toxins from the body and too much mucus and congestion as well is called detoxification. This process is in use for a very long time and is connected with natural medicine. When a person eats, he or she intakes the damaging substances of nutrients and non-assimilated drugs as well. These substances are then stored by the body. Mercury, cadmium, lead and other heavy metals have a bad effect on a person's body and a person may experience hormonal imbalances, thyroid problems, neurological disturbances, learning problems, depression and food allergies. These heavy metals may even cause cancer.

There are a couple of types of toxins but they are all divided into two categories, exogenous toxins and endogenous toxins. Exogenous toxins are the ones outside the body, while endogenous toxins are created by the body when certain organs like liver, lungs, kidney or skin are not working properly.

Heavy metals

Mercury, cadmium, arsenic, nickel and aluminum are heavy metals and they have the tendency to accumulate in the brain tissue, kidney tissue and immune system. Despite the effective laboratory methods, poisoning from heavy metals is not easy to discover. Some of the symptoms are headache, fatigue, anemia, muscle pain and skin rashes.

Toxic liver disease

There are lots of chemicals and organic compounds a liver must fight off in order not to get ill. Air and food for instance carry a large amount of them.

Microbial compounds

These toxins are created by bacteria and yeast in the intestine. Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, pancreatitis, asthma and various liver disorders occur because of these toxins.

Benefits of the regular body detoxification

Lots of people are not aware that by regular detoxification they will reclaim the energy, maintain normal weight, better the metabolism, aid the liver in getting rid of the toxins and bring back the healthy nutrients.

What not to do while on a detoxification program

Alcohol, unsaturated fats, drugs and chemicals are to be avoided while on this program. These substances will only make things worse. Another thing that a person should know is that not all detoxification programs work. A person should talk to a doctor about any questions he or she has.

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