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Parasites and Your Sex Life

There are types of skin parasites which can completely kill your desire for sexual encounters. Thus, if you are single, you will not want sex at all and if your are married or in a relationship, you will have already infected your loved one with the same parasite, even before you yourself noticed the first symptoms. Speaking of symptoms, itching and biting will surely trouble you day and night and divert all of your thoughts off sex.

Symptoms of Skin Parasites

There are many different signs of having a skin parasite on your body. Firstly, pay attention to the lesions or sores on your body which have been there for a while without healing. Secondly, when you exposed these to ultraviolet rays, you are bound to see fibers and filaments wherever there are parasites on your skin.

Also, if you happen to find cotton-like balls on your body often, this can be a warning sign of parasites. Of course, there is itching, which is usually intense. Biting and stinging sensations are common during parasite skin infections as well. Furthermore, you might lose your hair and feel tired all the time, being incapable to think straight.

Additionally, you may find small nodules under the surface of your skin, or get burdened by joint swelling, pain in the joints and even fibromyalgia. Finally, your skin may contain black flecks, which may also be found on the sheets on your bed. Alternatively, small, bright, strawberry-colored spots are an indicator too.

The Diagnosis and the Causes

If you happen to have any of the above mentioned symptoms, you are likely to be suffering either from Morgellons skin parasite or collebola, also known as spring tails. Strongyloides stercoralis-a nematode is yet another possible culprit.

If parasites are not found on your skin, the cause behind the symptoms may be stress, anxiety, daily frustration or imagination. There were many cases where people, afraid that they will end up with a parasite, had symptoms due to the paranoia.

The best way to make sure that you are safe, or to take care of yourself if something is indeed wrong, is to undergo a blood antibody test. The price is about $75 and there are many parasitic laboratories which can perform the tests for you.

The worst thing about skin parasites is that there is still no effective treatment for them. Rather, your doctors are likely to give you antibiotics which may work or not. Also, these parasites are capable of weakening your immunity, helping other parasites reach your body as well. Another extremely negative factor is the contagious nature of these parasites, since they can easily move from one person to another through air, clothes, chairs etc.

Luckily, diet changes, timely reaction, skin creams and some other methods may be used to counter the spreading of these microorganisms.

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