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Exercising does not only make our body fit and strong, but it also changes our minds, which is something many people do not believe at the start, but after a while, when the results kick in, they believe it. Mind is a tricky thing, with the ability to adjust to each situation, each body's shape and form. It is obvious that when a body is strong and fit, self-confidence will start bursting, along with a hidden desire to show our body that needed so much hard work out and time and money to look so great. Up to a certain point, this is understandable. Having an attractive and strong body is a success and it should be celebrated as such.


When we mention hard work, that hard work can go to waste if there is not a careful plan that will help someone become strong and fit with the help of proper methods. Muscles should be built properly and this means that a person should decide whether to go for cardio exercises, or for some form of bodybuilding. Some say that having a balance between those two might be the best possible option. Training martial arts usually includes exercises that are resulting in a strong muscled body, but also with enhanced cardio abilities.


Those who are not interested in martial arts should stick to standard exercising forms. There are several muscle groups that should be focused and those are arms, pecs, abs, back and legs. Legs are somehow always at the last place, which is illogical. It is obvious that performing hard exercises with heavy lifting, for example, requires a good stand, and that cannot be achieved with weak and non-endurable legs. Lunges are great exercises for legs. Muscles worked by lunges are strong and bulked up, although the bulking effect does depend on how lunges are done. Lunges can be done with or without added extra weight, which is held by hands. Additional weight increases the pressure and performing lunges is definitely harder. Lunge can be simply explained as stepping out with one foot and with lowering the hips when the front foot touches the ground. Body returns to normal position and then the process is repeated, this time with the other leg.

It might seem like a simple exercise, and it is, but it is very effective for quadriceps muscle, buttocks, and the entire hip area. Knee tendons and ligaments are also becoming stronger and more endurable.

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