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Supplements based onthis fruit have increasingly become not only popular, but also employed as aquite powerful means to battle the excess weight with utmost success. The fruitin question is no other than native to California and Florida, i.e. thebitter orange. As far as the supplements and medicines are concerned, they aremade by the help of extracts, which are derived from the fruit’s leaves andflowers. In Chinese traditional medicine, this fruit is known to possess powersto remedy such conditions and ailments as dizziness, as well as nausea.

Eat more fruit,battle off excessive weight faster

Due to its naturalqualities and beneficial effects, this particular variety of orange is includedin quite a number of supplements aimed at aiding people get rid of the unwantedadditional weight. The success of herbal supplements has become a moreaccepted, healthier and more desirable option to the conventional drugs synthetic in origin. And not only that; the herbalsupplements are also regarded as a much safer alternative, which produces noknown side effects whatsoever. What numerous supplement manufacturers emphasizeis the fact that bitter orange has an immense potential to control a person’sappetite, i.e. act as a natural suppressant, and aid the person in question in getting rid of the troublesome excessive weight. In addition, numerous researchstudies have discovered that those persons who do include these supplementshave a much lower calorie intake from every meal they eat in the course of theday.

Under the microscope

Despite the fact thatthere is a need of more research studies on the subject of this fruit,those performed so far have presented quite promising results. Namely, what thesupplements based on this fruit were able to do is enhance and improve thefunctioning of the persons’ metabolism, by speeding it up. And as itis already known, in order to facilitate greater loss of excessive kilos, it isessential for the metabolism to be at its best and fastest rate. In order to give amore detailed, microscopic overview of this fruit, it needs to be mentionedthat two most important compounds present are synephrine and octopamine. Onepossible downfall, however, is the fact that its characteristics and structureresemble to a great extent that of ephedra, which is a supplement that has beenofficially prohibited by the FDA. Therefore, this may ward many people of using it.


The supplementalpills based on the extracts derived from this fruit, unfortunately, do have thetendency to cause certain more serious side effects. One of them includes anegative impact on the health of the person’s hearth, i.e. enhance the numberof heart beats per minute. In addition, this can also lead to the occurrence ofa heart attack. Therefore, those people who have difficulties with heartrelated conditions and suffer from the same should at all costs avoid thesesupplements.

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