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General Facts
As the time goes by, more and more people have come to realize how the health beneficial juice made of cherries actually is. And one of its most apparent benefits is the fact that it is extremely effective in alleviating the pain. The fruit in question is a member of the category called Prunus, and is characterized by a fleshy overall outlook and constitution, with a seed inside. It abounds in many healthy substances, the healthiest of which are anthocyanins – otherwise known also as the red pigment that can be found in berries. The substances in question are actually very powerful antioxidants and are the ones responsible for the health benefits that the cherry has to offer. According to the present research studies, consumption of a, for example, tart cherry juice, black cherry juice and all other varieties on a daily basis advances and improves life quality and overall well being of the person who consumes it.
Health Benefits
We are, more or less, all familiar with the fact that vegetables and fruits abound in antioxidants. Well, the same can be said for cherries, too. Overall, antioxidants are vital when it comes to winning the battle against those damaging and dangerous free radicals roaming about in our bodies. These are known to be the main cause of different health related problems and conditions, some of which are cancer and atherosclerosis (a disease characterized by piling up of cholesterol inside the arteries). One common rule, that can be freely applied to any type of foods, be it fruits or vegetables and all the rest, is that the bigger the quantities the more effect it has. In this case, the more cherries consumed, the greater the amount of essential antioxidants.
Numerous studies done in the recent couple of years have provided the evidence that even a small amount of cherry juice such as 250 ml, consumed on a daily basis equals the health benefits of no less than 23 different vegetables and fruits. Numerous research studies conducted in the recent years have also established that cherries contain greater amounts of antioxidants than many of the food sources previously considered to be the richest sources, such as watermelons, bananas, peas, carrots and tomatoes.
The people who can benefit from cherry juice the most are those suffering from gout, as well as those who had experienced damages to the joints due to negative effect of uric acid crystals. Those healthy substances found in cherries and mentioned in more detail above, are also extremely effective in decreasing the risk of the occurrence of colon cancer. Also its positive effects have been recognized in those people suffering from different heart-related problems, since anthocyanins decrease the risk of stroke and heart attack development. Other beneficial effects directly related to cherries and cherry juice includes alleviation of arthritis and muscle pains.

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