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Women, vitamin pills and cancer

What recent research studies have discovered is that those women who add multivitamin in form of pills to their daily diet are at great risk of developing that most serious of all illnesses – cancer. The figure implied is 20% and the type of cancer in question is the breast cancer, which are findings that will most certainly alarm women overall. The most recent results, coming from a study that has lasted for no less than ten years and during which 35,000 women have been included, reveal that those women who maid vitamin pills their daily companion increased the risk of developing a tumor by alarming 19%. This is something that opposes the overall conviction so far, which was based on the fact that women need to take those supplements in order to avoid diseases and illnesses chronic in nature – cancer likewise.


One of the fairly plausible explanations from a biological stand is that, by taking both mineral and vitamin based supplements, this potentially brings about the increase in the breast tissue density, which is one of the relevant factors that induce the occurrence of the cancer of the breast. Another substance that is held responsible for causing the tumor growth to increase in speed is considered to be the folic acid – quite frequently found in multi-vitamins in greater quantities. What many women might not have known is that this particular type of cancer is found to be most frequent in Australia. It is estimated that, on a yearly basis, it befalls no less than 12,000 women and proves to be fatal for 2,700 of them, which is extremely troubling. The results, gotten from this and various other related research studies, strongly confirm that multivitamins do have a dangerous potential to enhance the overall risk for developing a breast cancer.

In addition, this is something that did not only alarm women in Australia, but also all of the biggest supplement-producers, given the fact that supplement industry is especially developed and profitable on the above mentioned continent – estimated profit on a yearly basis is 30,6 million dollars. But, due to the results of the research studies, in the recent time there is an increasing number of nutritionists that have come forward and pointed out the fact that people are actually not that much in need of those harmful supplements, since all the nutrients we need can be found and absorbed from a proper every day diet.

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