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Depression and the lack of sleep

Even though many people think that they are mostly in the category of just a small number of people who suffer from either insomnia or depression, according to the results of surveys and research studies, this is definitely not the case. As a matter of fact, both insomnia and depression have been known to befall people on regular basis and for quite some time now. This translated into numbers means that as much as 15% of grownups have issues with chronic insomnia, and the same numbers correspond to those who suffer from depression.

The importance of statistics

Another fairly concerning fact is that these two conditions accompany one another quite often. And even though many do not take 15% as something that is concerning, another fact that is to change their initial opinion for sure is that as many as 80% of the population experiences difficulty in falling asleep in the first place, and also in remaining in that desired sleep phase throughout the night. Another fact that is directly related to this one is that those people who are prone to insomnia are at a far greater risk of coming down with depression.

When it comes to pinpointing an exact relation and influence that one condition has on the other, this is unfortunately not an easy task. It was considered that insomnia was just one of the follow up manifestations of depression. So, the most evident solution to depression was to treat such underlying conditions as insomnia and thus, the initial bigger problem would just disappear on its own. However, what the newest research studies have discovered is that, as a matter of fact, insomnia is not a manifestation of depression, but a condition quite distinct from it. In addition, what scientists and experts also point out is that, by remedying the two conditions at the same time, there is a much better chance to make significant improvement with regards to the person’s quality of sleep, mood and ultimately, the quality of life in general.

By investigating and comprehending both depression insomnia, as well as anxiety insomnia, it is much easier to come to comprehend insomnia as such in the most proper of ways. And, of course, this is the crucial thing that one needs to know in order to remedy the problem itself and free him/herself from its ill effects.

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