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Thistype of an implant represents a lasting replacement of the root of the tooth byan artificial one, all for the purpose of treating either a tooth that hassuffered certain damage, or is missing altogether. Once put, the implant hasthe appearance of the real tooth and performs exactly the same function. When comparedto other solutions for the same problem, such as bridges and dentures, implantsare regarded as the best possible solution when it comes to functionaleffectiveness, as well as sturdiness and duration. Additional comparison alsoreveals that the dental implants are esthetically much more superior and morestable, unobtrusive and more pleasant to have.


Theentire “undertaking” is conducted in more than one stage, each following theone that came before. The durationof the entire undertaking is known to have the tendency to last even for several months. Duration as such depends primarily on the variety of theimplant, as well as on the condition and overall health of the jawbone itself.What have numerous research studies shown is that the success rate over thefive years research period is 95% when it comes to the lower jaw, and 90% whenit comes to the upper jaw.

Possibleissues and difficulties

Evendespite the fact that this kind of method is regarded as much more effective and to a certain level superior to other methods, a person should always beaware of the possible difficulties and directly related issues. In case theentire procedure is performed by an expert in this field, then the riskfor the occurrence of difficulties is extremely small.


Peri-implantitis is certainlyregarded as one of the most frequent culprits for the “demise”of the dental implant. This specific condition is brought about by the infection,either bacterial in nature or some other, affecting the area where theimplant has been put. The main symptoms include swelling and inflammationof the tissues that are known to surround the implant and the surrounding area.

Injuries and damages – just as it is thecase with certain surgical procedures, along the way there may occur certaindamages followed by quite serious injuries.

Whenit comes to the area in which the implant is located, the initial signs ofsomething not being right is the occurrence of temporary swellings, which goes away on their own. This is the main reason why a person ought to adhere tomost proper dental care so as to be able to notice and put an end to an infectionin the implant-area right from the start.

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