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Every person in the world ends up suffering from persistent cough at least once during his or her life. In most cases of this condition it is a signal of some underlying respiratory infection. Even though this is not a dangerous problem, it is quite irritating. However, people need to know that they can treat persistent cough with proper treatment.

Persistent cough symptoms

Persistent cough is uncomfortable due to the fact that a lot of people cannot sleep because of it. A lot of people experience stomachache along with persistent cough and it is not uncommon for a person to feel weak as well. It is also common for the cough to be a sign of some underlying condition, like respiratory infection for instance. In cases when cough syrups do not work, people should go to the hospital.

Causes of persistent cough

Whenever a person is suffering from dry cough, he or she should consider that there may be an upper respiratory tract infection involved as well. Other organs related to breathing may be included as well.

Common cold is one of the most common causes of persistent cough. According to the data, common cold is the most common infectious disease that people end up suffering from.

Gastro esophageal reflux disease can cause cough as well but it is not that common.

Allergies and respiratory diseases

Allergies are known to cause persistent cough. A person who inhales microorganisms that may cause infections is highly likely to end up suffering from persistent cough.

Almost all people who suffer from pneumonia had persistent cough as one of its symptoms. Apart from cough, chest pain, shortness of breath and fever are also signs of pneumonia.

Asthma is another quite common cause of persistent cough and it is considered that persistent cough is one of the most reliable signs of asthma.

Apart from these causes, tuberculosis is also a cause of persistent cough.

Persistent cough remedy

People who suffer from persistent cough need to know that there are various remedies that will help them. However, it is important that a person seeks medical advice first.

Most people with persistent cough use honey and lime mixture. This is considered to be the best cure for cough due to its soothing effect.

Garlic is another pretty common remedy for persistent cough and a lot of people use it in this situation. People can even add honey when they eat the garlic due to the taste.

There are also medications that people can use in order to treat persistent cough.

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