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Nebulizer devices or breathing machines, as they are sometimes called, are used in patients suffering from different respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis. Inflammation or irritation of the airways usually causes narrowing of the airways in such patients, leading to many breathing difficulties. These people may experience coughing, wheezing and chest congestion due to their condition and nebulizers become quite handy when such symptoms occur.

These devices can be used in both adults and children. Since toddlers cannot use nebulizers on their own, parents must learn how to help them and relieve their breathing problems.

About Nebulizers

Nebulizer treatment is the best possible and most efficient therapy for asthma in young children. One of the most common drugs administered via nebulizers is Albuterol and it can loose mucus and relax bronchial muscles, helping the child. He/she will be able to cough out accumulated mucus and breathe more easily. Doctors usually recommend using a nebulizer several times every day and every session should last about 10 minutes. How many times a child should use the nebulizer every day is prescribed upon the severity of his/her symptoms. If asthma attacks are very serious, the doctor usually prescribes 3 or 4 sessions of the nebulizer treatment per day.

The same nebulizers are used for all patients regardless their age. Both children and adults use similar devices which contain liquid medication in a cup. Every nebulizer has an air compressor and its function is to use the drug and produce the mist which should be inhaled by using a mouthpiece or some face mask.

The difference is only in the concentration of the prescribed medication. Children normally need lower doses than adults. Your doctor will take your child’s age into consideration and prescribe appropriate dose of a nebulizer medication accordingly.

Using Nebulizers in Young Kids

Some toddlers may seem intimidated by a nebulizer or face mask needed for the treatment and perhaps because of that they fight and refuse to use it. To avoid that, make sure everything you need is near including the mouthpiece, face mask, nebulizer and the drug. The child should be relaxed before the treatment. Connect all parts of the nebulizer and plug the machine in an electric outlet. Switch the device on and notice the production of the mist in the mask.

Place the mask or mouthpiece over your kid’s nose and mouth and support the child to breathe slowly and deeply in order to inhale all medication mist. When you finish the treatment, turn off the device.

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