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Pregnant women are advised not to use any medication in thefirst trimester. After that time, all the medicines should be carefully considered,because of the possibility to harm the unborn child. Cough medications are no exception, and should also be safefor the unborn baby.

Cough is not severe but more annoying medical problem foranyone, including the pregnant women. It is not rare that pregnancy affects the immune system andcause frequent cases of flu or common cold. There are also many cases of heightenedsensitivity to allergic stimulus, causing cough and sometimes even asthmaattacks. Any drug used to treat the expecting mother should benefit her andleave the unborn baby safe and unharmed.

Natural Remedies for Cough in Pregnancy

Cough is a highly contagious condition. So, to prevent thiscondition, avoid being with people who cough and keep the good personal hygiene.If you are already coughing, there are still some things you can do, withoutmedications.

Make sure you take enough rest, to provide your body time toheal. If you can’t sleep at night, try to add another pillow, to elevate thehead and ease the cough. Your body needs plenty of water, so drink at least 8 glassesof fluids every day, to help eliminating the mucus from your lungs. You might like orange juice sweetened with some honey, which is believed to relieve thecough. Sometimes, all you need is a warm soup and some tea. Always eat, even ifyou don’t feel like it, because you are nurturing the baby inside your womb.

Inhalation with eucalyptus or peppermint essential oils, orgargling some saline water might be helpful, too.

Cough Medications in Pregnancy

Any medications used in pregnancy should be approved by yourdoctor. Do not use anything to treat your symptoms before the medical consultation,for it may affect the baby you are carrying.

Doctors often recommend acetaminophen, to relieve pain andfever, if there are any. In the cases of nasal decongestion there are saline nasaldrops, and for the allergies many specialist will recommend antihistamines. If thecough is irritating and persistent doctors will prescribe medications to suppressthe cough. Frequently used cough suppressants for pregnant women are medicationsthat contain dextromethorphan as the active ingredient.

There are also cough drops as candies. These candies shouldbe carefully administered and used, and maybe it’s the best to consult yourdoctor about the potential risk of these preparations.

Many doctors will recommend boosting your immune system, to increaseresilience to infections during pregnancy. Vitamin and zinc supplements are themost commonly used immune boosters.

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