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Can beef cause constipation?

Different foods have different effects on constipation. Beef is considered to be one of the foods that causes constipation. Beef, along with pork and lamb is not an easy food to digest. Apart from these meats, dairy products and wheat are also foods that cause constipation. People with a sensitive system suffer from constipation more often.

The beef about beef

If a person suffers from IBS, he or she will have problems digesting beef because of some proteins within its chemical composition. As most people know, there are lots of nerves on the lining of the intestines and these nerves control the movement of the food waste. It is the proteins in beef that have a narcotic effect on the nerves which makes them unable to move the food and constipation occurs because the waste stays there.

Improperly cooked beef is also known to cause constipation. If the beef is not cooked properly the parasites in it will not get destroyed. Because they are not killed, these parasites enter the system and do harm to it. When the parasites multiply, they make it impossible for the system to absorb the nutrients. The best way to cook the beef is to cook it until it is medium-rare to medium. Beef cooked to this point will be easily digested.

Does that mean I have to give up my hamburgers?

A person need not worry because there are ways to decrease the chance of getting constipation and still being able to consume burgers and steaks. The most important step on this journey is to make sure that the beef is properly cooked. For instance, beef hamburgers should be prepared on a temperature of 160 degrees while steaks, chops and roasts should be cooked on 145 degrees in order for them to be medium rare or 160 degrees for the medium. It is important that the person suffering from constipation changes his or her diet and introduce fiber rich foods and lots of water. Regular exercising makes a difference as well.

When a person's system is constipated he or she may experience such problems like weak immune system, mood swings, bad breath and body odor, backaches and weight problems and a loss of appetite. A person who is already having constipation problems can purchase some products which will help him or her. One such product is Oxy-Powder and it is excellent for the cleansing and detoxifying of colon.

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