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Physical causes of erectile dysfunction

There is almost not a person in the world that has never heard of erectile dysfunction or does not fear it. Erectile dysfunction is also known as ED or impotence. First of all, people should know that erectile dysfunction is the inability of a person to achieve and maintain a proper erection that is needed for the sexual intercourse. A lot of people are not aware that the process of gaining an erection is not a simple one and that there are a lot of factors that influence it. There are also a lot of problems that may occur for various reasons. The problems can be either physical or psychological but in a lot of cases they are a combination of the two. When physical causes are considered, they are usually all related to either a breakdown or damage to the sequence of events that lead to gaining an erection. Some of these sequences are nerve impulses in the brain, spine and penis. It is not uncommon for the breakdown or damage to occur in the sequences and when that happens, arteries, muscles and even the surrounding tissues of the penis are affected. In most cases it ends up with some disease.

Kidney disease

Kidney disease is a pretty common health problem among people and it occurs when certain chemical changes occur in the body. These changes are known to affect the hormones, circulation, nerve function and even energy level and all of these factors can lead to kidney disease. It is not uncommon for a person to suffer from a lowered libido when the changes occur. Sexual ability can also be decreased. Even drugs that are prescribed to treat kidney disease can cause erectile dysfunction. According to the data, half of the people who suffer from kidney disease also suffer from erectile dysfunction, decreased sex drive and drastically decreased sex life.

Erectile dysfunction and lifestyle changes

The doctor will usually advise a person who suffers from erectile dysfunction to make some changes in their lifestyle. Reducing stress, quitting smoking and regular exercise are the most important steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Exercising regularly is probably the most important part of regaining the sexual drive. Apart from that, there are various other health benefits gained from exercising like a stronger heart, better oxygen flow in the body, more energy, lower blood pressure, stronger bones, better sleep and improved muscle tone and strength. These are only some of the benefits from regular exercising.

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