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Being underweight is a health issue. If the person weight is 10 to 20% less than average, he/she is considered to be underweight.

Some people weigh less because of poor nutrition, lack of exercise and/or sleep or because of the stress in their life. Sometimes, even the pollutants might cause underweight, but in some cases, this is a genetically predisposed condition.

Home Remedies for Underweight People

If you are underweight and really want to gain couple of kilograms to the current weight, specialists recommend trying some of these suggestions. Find the one that is suitable for your needs and use it every day. It is advisable to consult your doctor before the start of any new dietary regime.

Banana milk shakeBanana 3 times a dayMuskmelon, 3 times a dayMango with a cup of milk, or mango milkshakeRaisins, 30g dailyDried figs, 2 times a dayBran (100-150g) with fruits, ideally papayaFruit diet with milkCup of hot milk with some honeyCup of milk, boiled with some almonds, anjeer and date palmMixture of white muesli powder, Indian ginseng powder and pomegranate seed powder put in a glass of milk or water and drink for a monthEat more fatty foods (bitter, flour, rice honey, raisins, figs, dates, etc.)

Herbs for Gaining Weight

Chan Pi (Citrus reticulate) is a plant used in Chinese medicine. Chinese herbal books recommend chan pi in appetite and digestion problems and abdominal distension. The active ingredients of this plant are bitter substances hesperidin and limonene.

Gentian or Gentiana lutea is an excellent medicinal herb for those who want to add a couple of extra pounds. Gentian root contains bitter glycosides, such as gentiopircin and amarogentin and should be therefore used as a bitter tonic. In traditional medicine, gentian root is used to treat dyspepsia, help the stomach and intestines to digest the food and also to improve the appetite. Scientific studies reveal that this herb does actually increase the appetite, as well as the bile flow, and secretion of digestive enzymes.

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is used for its rhizome. It is used in many traditional medicines to stimulate the digestive system and relieve stomach pain. Ginger can treat appetite loss, nausea, gases and dyspepsia.

The root of dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) is also known and used as the bitter tonic. The root is rich in glycosides which affect the bile flow and digestion. It improves the appetite, dyspepsia, but also constipation, gallstones, and cholecystitis.

The best way to gain weight is to use the herbs to stimulate digestion, and eat food rich in proteins and lots of fruits and vegetable. Carbohydrates in your diet should be from whole grains.

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