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Chronic pharyngitis

Chronic pharyngitis (chronic sore throat) is a condition which features with recurrent inflammation of the throat. In acute forms of the disease the leading cause of sore throat are bacterial and viral infections. However, in chronic form of pharyngitis the most common cause of inflammation are bacterial infections. The patient may only complain about the pain and discomfort in the throat or can also suffer from additional symptoms of the disease.

Causes of Chronic Sore Throat

There are a lot of causes of chronic sore throat. Still the majority of people are affected by chronic inflammation caused by bacteria. This medical condition predominantly affects immunocompromised people and those with temporary weak immune system. Furthermore, people who suffer from allergies tend to develop chronic sore throat. Chronic inflammation can be also caused by gastroesophageal reflux disease, smoking and even food allergies. Some professionals such as singers may suffer from chronic sore throat due to overuse of the vocal cords. People who are suffering from chronic sinusitis usually experience permanent irritation of the throat by discharge from sinuses. And, it can be also induced by breathing through mouth in all those conditions which do not allow a person to breathe normally.

Symptoms of Chronic Sore Throat

All the symptoms and signs of this condition are directly related to the process of inflammation. Pain and discomfort may be accompanied by prolonged and irritating cough. In chronic sinusitis a patient will also complain about prolonged runny nose. Sore throat and runny nose are also characteristics of different allergies. There may also be evident changes in speech and if a person is subjected to excessive strain of vocal cords he/she may additionally suffer from hoarseness. In irritation caused by stomach acid one will suffer from pain in the throat, heartburn and loss of appetite.

Treatment for Chronic Sore Throat

The treatment for chronic sore throat basically depends on the actual cause. So it can start only after the doctor has set the diagnosis of the underlying condition. In allergies people are advised to stay away from potential allergies. In case of acid reflux one is administered antacids, H2 blockers or blockers of the proton pump. Even dietary changes may be helpful. The pain in chronic sore throat is brought under control by painkillers or throat sprays and cough lozenges.

Additional treatment includes a variety of home remedies. Drinking hot tea and milk with honey can be very effective. The person should boost his/ her immune system and it can be successfully achieved by vitamin C and additional supplements. Gargling with salt water may sometimes alleviate the pain.

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