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Sore throat or pharyngitis is inflammation of the pharynx, which is our throat. It results in pain which gets worse when swallowing, causing discomfort. Usually, a viral infection such as common cold or flu is behind this problem. However, there are cases when bacteria can trigger pharyngitis, which is a more serious case, needing medical examination and the right antibiotics to get this condition adequately treated.

How to Prevent Sore Throat?

Since most of microorganisms which cause sore throat are contagious, maintaining proper hygiene is crucial. You are to ensure the following steps and make sure that your child does the same. Firstly, you should wash your hands before and after using the bathroom, after sneezing or before and after eating or handling dirty objects. Make sure you wash your hands frequently and do it thoroughly.

Secondly, do not share food, drinking glasses or other private things with other people. Also, whenever you happen to cough or sneeze, do it in a tissue, disposing of it afterwards. If you happen not to have tissues with you, you are best to sneeze in your elbow.

Additionally, whenever you are entering areas without clean, fresh water, you are best to carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. While in public places, never touch any objects with your mouth. Keep your personal items such as mobile phones or remote controllers clean by wiping them with sanitizing cleansers. Finally, try not to spend time around sick people.

Additional Ways of Protecting Yourself

Since air is the main medium through which bacteria and viruses are transferred, you are advised to stay at home during high-pollution days, or wear protective masks when exposing yourself to areas filled with dirt or dust. Do not smoke and avoid spending time among smokers. Keep the air in your dwelling clean and fresh by using air humidifiers since dry throat can often be the cause of a sore throat.

As far as your lifestyle is concerned, make sure you provide yourself enough rest on a daily basis, and the right food to keep your throat healthy. Drink decaffeinated teas often with honey. Usually, warm, soothing beverages will relax your throat and ease the pain. Lozenges work wonders against sore throat too, just do not give these to children since they might choke on them.

Finally, you can opt for some alternative or over-the-counter medications. Yet, make sure you consult a health professional before you do something like this.

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