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Juice fasting is a type of diet in which a person only drinks juice prepared from both vegetables and fruits. Also, this can be considered as a Detox diet. Detox diet is a procedure used to cleanse organs in the body from toxins and waste products. Since less amounts of energy are necessary to process the food during the juice fast, the body can focus its resources on cleaning out toxins that have built up over the years.

Why do You Need Juice Fasting?

There are some juice fast diets that aim at particular segments of the body. For example, some juice fast diets have a purpose to cleanse the liver, skin, urinary tract, kidneys, brain, immune system, etc. On the other hand, this diet can help to end vices, such as excessive eating, smoking, drinking large amounts of alcohol or coffee. It can also help with depression and carcinoma.It is interesting to mention that some people perform a week long juice fasting diet,some do it for a couple of days every month and some travel to exotic locations to perform this diet.

What to Use?

Most vegetables and fruits do not include fiber in the juice form, so it is needed to stimulate your intestines in order to discharge the waste. Some people speed up the process by using clusters, and other take a brine or herbal purgative. The third method to stimulate waste disposal is to take psyllium husk mixed with juice. There are various vegetables and fruits that offer infinite health benefits, but not all of them work in a juice fast. Some greens work well in a juicer, such as kale, paisley, broccoli, cabbage and spinach. Furthermore, there are root vegetables, for instance, carrots and sweet potatoes, that work in juice fast, not only because they possess numerous nutritional advantages, but also they taste good. This goes for apples, grapes and citrus fruits. Mentha piperita (peppermint), Mentha spicata (spearmint), green onion and ginger are some of the plants who have a great flavor in juice, alongside with fennel, wheat-grass, and even basil. Juice fasts do not have any direct side effects, so long as the individual using this diet is taking care of their body. Despite the fact, that juice made of vegetables and fruits provide our body with numerous minerals and vitamins, it is required, from time to time, to include a multivitamin to provide the body with everything it requires. If the body is getting everything vital to function, juice fasting can provide the body with infinite benefits regarding to health.

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