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This 7 day detox diet in seven stages can last from one to four weeks. Namely, choosing the diet which is one week long, each stage will take only one day, and if the diet is two weeks long, each stage will take two days, and so on. Longer diet plans produce better effects. Seven day detox diet comprises of the following stages: Only liquids, Liquids and fruits, Raw vegetables added,Cooked vegetables and raw rice added, Beans, lentils, nuts, and seeds added, Grains and live yogurt added, Fish added.


In the first stage, you can use clear water, sometimes with a squeeze of lemon. You might also use fresh fruit or vegetable juices, different teas or broth.

Liquids and Fruits

In the second stage you can add some fruits to your menu. Fruits are alkaline and will also help neutralize the acidic waste. Besides, fruit fibers will have a laxative effect. Apples could help you to remove toxins and promote digestion. Pineapple is good for the digestion, but it also repairs damaged tissue by stimulating beneficial bacteria in the gut. You can try some mango, watermelon or grapes.

Raw Vegetables

In the third stage of the diet you might add some bean sprouts to increase nutritional content of your food, and also some seeds and garlic. Some vegetables with detox properties, such as fennel, watercress, dandelion leaves or parsley can be used for preparing salads. Fennel stimulates digestion and prevents gases, watercress is a valuable liver tonic and dandelion leaves contain diuretic substances. Parsley is significant for liver as well, and is a diuretic.

Cooked Vegetables and Rice

In the fourth stage you can use steamed vegetables. Green vegetable leaves will stimulate your liver, whereas brown short-grain rice is rich in fiber and it will soak up toxins from the gut. Onion and garlic can absorb toxic metals and eliminate them. You can also add some globe or Jerusalem artichokes and beetroots to the menu.

Beans, Nuts and Seeds

In the fifth stage, beans and lentils as a source of protein should not be mixed with rice. When consumed together these foods can significantly slow the digestion. Buy only organic vegetables and fruits and also use some nuts.

Yogurt and Grains

In the sixth stage, you should use whole grains, such as rye, buckwheat, barley, oats – almost anything, except the wheat. These foods contain fibers, which help emptying the intestines and benefit liver function. Goat's of sheep's yogurt is easier to digest than cow's, but all of them are equally beneficial for the gut.


In the seventh stage use the fish. Fish contains fatty acids which are good for the skin.

By now, you should be feeling more relaxed and you can introduce back food categories with a day between each. Besides cleaning your body, 7 day detox diet will help you lose some weight. If you are a first-time user start with one week, increasing it to two weeks next month and so on.

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