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In order to function properly, the body needs detoxification periodically. One should know that the pollutants are everywhere around us and they can easily enter the body. Some pollutants enter through the air while we are breathing, while some pollutants enter through the foods. Refined food is very difficult for the digestion and therefore, metabolic waste is accumulated inside the intestines. Due to this build up, the absorption of necessary nutrient is very difficult. Therefore, when there are toxins in the body, one may suffer from the constipation or gain weight, for example. Many other chronic disorders are caused due to the presence of toxins in the colon. In order to stay healthy, detoxification is required. This way of healing is widely used and recommended by many natural doctors and herbalists.

A short term juice cleanse

A short term juice cleanse is very effective for the detoxification of the intestines. The person should follow the juice diet for the first three days. This diet includes only vegetables and fruits that are prepared in a juice machine. However, certain amounts of water and fiber supplements can be added. After these three days, the person may experience improved digestion, a slight weight loss and enhanced energy.

It is very important to have a strong immune system when we start to eliminate the toxins that have built up in the digestive system. The strong immune system is required in order to prevent some negative effects of detoxification. When one is sick or has an infection, it is not recommended to start the juice cleanse of the colon. Furthermore, pregnant women, those women who breastfeed their babies, as well as diabetic persons, should first consult the doctor before starting detoxification.

It is considered that the best time for the juice cleansing of the digestive system is in the spring. In a week before the cleansing, the person should significantly reduce dairy products, meat, alcohol and caffeine, and increase the consummation of steamed or raw vegetables as well as water.

Juice cleanse supplies

A juice machine, fresh fruits and vegetables, distilled or purified water and fiber supplement are needed for a short-term juice cleanse. However, there are certain additional supplements that can be added, such as flaxseed oil, herbal tea and green drink supplement. Flaxseed oil is very good for the lubricating of the intestines. The person should drink juices and water at regular intervals throughout the day, about every hour to hour and a half.

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