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Detoxing has become very popular recently, probably due to various warnings about the risks and dangers of modern living. A fast-paced lifestyle, poor diet, lack of sleep, exposure to stress, environmental pollution, food additives, artificial colors and flavors, alcohol, cigarettes and drugs are all harmful for human health. Toxins accumulate in the body and they need to be eliminated so the body can function properly without medical issues.

There are many detox methods and techniques and one that has become particularly popular, is the cranberry juice detox.

Benefits of cranberry juice

Cranberries are primarily found in the northern parts of the United States and in Canada. These bright red berries are packed with vitamins, and more importantly, with antioxidants.

It is a known fact that cranberries are beneficial for cleansing the urinary tract. The hippuric acid, they contain, acidifies the urine and, along with other compounds in these berries, reduces the number of E. coli bacteria in the bladder, washing it away.

This is not all. Cranberry juice can lower the cholesterol levels, prevent kidney stones, fight the herpes virus, prevent macular degeneration, dental plaque and stomach infections caused by H. pylori.

Including just one glass of cranberry juice in your regular diet can improve your overall health and prevent the problems mentioned above. However, drinking more than just one glass, combined with certain foods and following a certain routine can have an amazing detoxifying effect and eliminate those harmful toxins that have accumulated in the body over the time.

Cranberry juice detox

The first step in the regime, is to dilute one part of cranberry juice with four parts of water and to mix it with one teaspoon of psyllium fiber and one teaspoon of apple pectin. This should be drunk ten minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The meals should be low in protein, especially in meat, and rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and plenty of water.

Two capsules of dandelion leaf, three times a day during the first two weeks of the cranberry juice detox will provide an additional effect on the toxins in the body. After two weeks, they should be replaced with astragalus capsules. At this point, psyllium and pectin can be removed from the cranberry juice beverage taken before meals.

Several days before the end of the detox regime the capsules can be eliminated and lean meat can slowly be introduced.

Even after the detox is completed, it is recommended to continue drinking pure cranberry juice on a regular basis.

Cranberry juice increases urination and thus flushes the toxins from the body. After this detox regime the body will be refreshed, stronger and rejuvenated.

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