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Detox ordetoxification is a natural body process whose purpose is to get rid of thetoxins from the body. Toxins are basically anything that can bring harm to thebody tissue and they are naturally excreted from the body through the urine orstool. However, this natural process of body detoxification is sometimes not asfast as the quantity of toxins entering the body and that’s why they tend toaccumulate inside it. Luckily, there are particularly planned out diets thatare meant specifically for body detoxification and they are able to cleanse theentire body quite successfully.

What does adetox diet based on juice consist of?

First ofall, it might be necessary to clear a misconception that while this particulardetox diet is mostly based on the consumption of juices, that doesn’t mean thatno intake of food whatsoever is allowed. Being that the diet is meant to befollowed for a week or two, that would be pure and utter starvation.

That beingsaid, the reason that a juice detox diet is so efficient is thanks to the abundanceof nutrients from the fruits and vegetables that these juices are made of.These nutrients include basically every vitamin in the book, the essentialminerals as well as fiber.

What is theplan for the juice detox diet?

The firstday of the diet consists entirely of drinking the juice, and it is safe to saythat it is pretty much the most difficult one because of a sudden shock thatthe body experiences when switching from regular solid foods to liquids soabruptly. The juices are to be drunk every four hours and besides them, teasand water are allowed. It is advised to avoid the intake of caffeine, as isadding sugar to the drinks.

The secondday plan is the one to stick to throughout the remainder of the days as well,with some additions to the menu. As for the second day, drinking fruit andvegetable juices every four hours is still the rule, but besides it, one canhave up to three bananas and one pound of grapes whenever they feel the needfor food.

On thethird day, the menu from the second day is to be added a portion of fruit and aportion of raw vegetables to eat when hungry.

It’s thefirst three days that represent the crucial part of the diet and if one makesit through that, the rest is much easier as it is allowed to consume wholegrains, beans, nuts and seeds.

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