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What is Detoxification and How does it Work?Detoxification or detox represents elimination of the toxins from the body through bloodstream. Body detoxification with proper diet benefits you overall health. For those who never tried such diet, it is necessary to be acquainted with safe detox diet. After that, you could do liver or kidney detoxification.

Liver and kidney are natural body cleaners. The liver prevents toxins to enter blood. Kidneys remove toxins through urine. In time, when our body accumulates too much harmful matter, our natural detox mechanism becomes weakened.

We are exposed to toxins from environment, food and water. We eat a lot of unhealthy foods full of white sugar and saturated fats. All of this, combined with smoking, drinking, drug abuse and illnesses contribute to accumulation of large amount of toxins and impaired natural detoxification processes in the body.

Numerous toxins and chemicals, which we inhale and ingest every day, can’t be eliminated naturally by our body. Toxins piled up in the liver and other organs, tissues and cell can cause various diseases and disorders.

Detoxification can be conducted with the help of herbal teas, proper diet, fasting, sweating and colon hydrotherapy. By this means natural body detoxification is encouraged. Artificial detoxification includes dialysis.

In case of drug addiction or alcohol abuse, detox involves elimination of these toxins from the body. Detoxification in this case is followed by painful withdrawal symptoms. This detox process must be carried out under medical supervision in hospital.

Signs and Causes of Accumulated Toxins in the Body

Symptoms like fatigue, gas, bloating, constipation, headache, migraine, indigestion or weight gain suggest that high amount of toxins is accumulated in the body. They are piled in colon and the colon problems lead to all sorts of health problems.

Colon in our body has a role similar to the role of sewer system in a city. When waste blocks sewer system consequences will be obvious. Waste will spread over the city area and eventually pollute drinking water. This will lead to all sorts of diseases. The same is with colon full of toxins and the body.

High body weight is associated to accumulated toxins as well. For that reason, detoxification must be part of any weight loss program.

Detoxification usually last around 7 days and involves juice or tea fasting or drinking only water. The juice can be made only of fresh fruits and vegetables. Stress should be avoided whenever it is possible. Yoga and meditation can be good way of relaxation.

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