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Erection and the Penis

Many men tend to experience impotence at some points of their lives. This phenomenon can be quite discouraging and may leave quite an impact both on a man's psyche and on his sexual life. Mainly impotence is described as the inability to achieve erection. Of course, this inability is not influenced by the lack of lust. Simply, the lack of erection is universal and makes a man's sexual intercourse impossible. There are numerous factors which influence this grim state of affairs, some more serious than theothers.

Before getting into details, we are to know how an erection takes place initially. Namely, the penis is made out of three different bodies which have countless of blood vessels running through them. Once these vessels are filled with blood, and our nerves, sending the right stimuli, block it from leaving the penis, a male achieves an erection, making him capable of indulging into a sexual intercourse.

What Causes the Problem?

Since erection is both a physical and a nervous reaction, any dysfunctions in these aspects may lead to erection problems subsequently. So, accidents, tumors, strokes or similar situations where our brain and spine areas responsible for erection might be hurt, all may trigger impotence. Multiple sclerosis adds on to the list of possible causes. Additionally, any damage or injuries inflicted upon spinal nerves or nerves in the brain, as well as direct injuries of the penis, all can have the same effect. Some penis diseases may cause the narrowing of the blood vessels, leading to impotence too. Moreover, an unhealthy nutrition and lifestyle may lead to the same problem. Finally, diabetes, heart problems, alcohol or drug abuse, inadequate circumcision, certain deficiencies in our organism or some life problems may all be considered possible culprits behind this common male problem.

However, more than 40% of erection problems are related to psychological problems. Therefore, men under stress or having certain personality issues as well as those who are under frustrations or faced with great expectations, along with those men who are dissatisfied with the physical looks of their partners or their personalities, all can become impotent in certain situations.

Treatment for Impotence

Since there are many different causes, the treatments depend on the exact type of the problem. So, the underlying cause needs to be taken care of in order for a man's erection to be back. Alternatively, for those who do not manage to solve their problems through treatment of this type, there are stimulants like Viagra. This product increases the blood circulation in the penis area. Subsequently, if there is a sex drive present in a man, Viagra will enable him a long lasting erection. Actually, the market is full with sex enhancing products and cosmetics. Thus, there are plenty of them to choose from.

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