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Cold hands are something that is quite common inmany people and we can feel it when we shake hands with them. Even though it isquite normal in winter, cold hands accompanied by cold feet at the same time insome other season, especially in summer, should not be neglected lightly. Thereare several conditions or underlying problems that lead to the occurrence ofcold hands and feet. For example, thyroid gland problems, anemia and poorcirculation are responsible for this condition in the majority of cases.

Causes of cold hands and feet

Cold hands and feet is a disorder that is morefrequent in young females than in males. Our feet and hands stay cold becausethey do not receive enough amounts of blood to warm them. This poor circulationof blood may be induced by many reasons. The people who are diagnosed withRaynaud’s syndrome usually have cold feet and hands as a symptom. Raynaud’ssyndrome causes poor blood circulation to the hands and feet due to the constrictionof the blood channels even at the least fluctuation of the temperature. The peoplewho suffer from this syndrome typically experience the changing of the color oftheir hands and feet into white or blue when they are either under stress or inthe cold.

Iron deficiency is one of the major troubles inwomen. The insufficiency of iron may cause anemia and, thus, poor bloodcirculation to the extremities, resulting in cold hands and feet. The lowamounts of iron may also trigger the thyroid gland problems since iron assistsin the production of the hormones of this gland. When the thyroid gland doesnot secrete enough of its hormones, the metabolism of the body is slowed down andthe body cannot generate heat.

Cold hands and feet may be also found in those peoplewho suffer from coronary heart disease, which usually affects the normal bloodcirculation to the extremities. There is a belief, even though it is not still provedscientifically, that the presence of parasites in the body causes cold hand andfeet. It is thought that parasites take the essential nutrients from the blood, sothat the body cells do not have enough of it in order to create the body heat. Furthermore, the coldness of feet and hands mayoccur due to yeast infections, as well as due to various allergies to thespecific foods, or to the environmental pollutants.

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