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Colored Circle around the Pupil:Description

This a very rare medical condition.Apart from being rare in nature, it is also rarely noticed sincepeople do not look for it and, therefore miss it while checking inthe mirror. Still, colored circle around one's pupil may be quite adangerous state of affairs since this symptom can be a sign ofsomething much more serious, demanding immediate medical assistance.Thus, the best thing to do once you notice these circles appearingaround yours or someone else's pupils is to seek medical attention as soonas possible. Once you pay your doctor a visit, complaining about thisproblem, he/she may perform various tests, ruling out or confirmingsome underlying causes. Then, you might get prescribed with anadequate treatment which, if applied timely, can make you healthyagain and remove the colored circle around your pupil.

Reasons behind Colored Circle aroundOne's Pupil

One of the underlying health problemsconnected to this condition may be Wilson's disease. This phenomenonmanifests through excessive amounts of copper in your organism due toyour body's inability to get it out like it is supposed to do. Theseincreased levels of copper poison your body, potentially endangeringyour health, causing colored circles to appear around your pupils dueto the fact that there is copper in your brain, liver, kidneys andother organs. There are many other manifestations of this,genetically hereditary, disease. Your liver and spleen may swell, thewhite parts of your eye may go pale, you might suffer from musclestiffness, anemia or many other problems. Thus, make sure you acttimely if you notice any of these symptoms. Osteoporosis andarthritis may also go hand-in-hand with Wilson's disease.

Another, more benign cause of circlesaround one's pupils can be heterochromia. This condition is caused bya lack of melanin in one's body. It may be hereditary or triggered bya direct eye injury which caused bleeding and damage. Also, tumors inthe eye, eye infections and other ocular problems may lead to theonset of this condition which manifests through differently coloredirises as well. Luckily, if heterochromia is not affecting one'ssight, it is harmless and causes no significant problems exceptaesthetic ones.

All in all, the circle around yourpupil may or may not be dangerous. What is important is that youtreat it on time, visiting your doctor and following the therapyreligiously, especially if Wilson's disease is causing thisphenomenon to appear on the surface of your eye.

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