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The problem of numbness in fingers and hands is a common problem in many people. The symptoms associated with this problem have been described by those who have experienced it as if the hands and fingers have gone to a sleep, or like the pins and needles sensation. There are times when this problem is most active, like when we place out hands above our heads for some time, like when we are changing a light bulb or something similar, sitting for a long time and when we sleep. But although this is a common problem and it goes away relatively quickly, there are times when it persists and last longer and such sensations seek medical attention. Finding the exact cause of the numbness in these cases is of utmost importance so that proper treatment may be conducted.


There are several possible causes associated with hand and finger numbness and in the following lines we will see more about them. One of them is a poor circulation, which is always connected with an underlying cause or disease. Diseases, such as diabetes, complex regional syndrome, tendonitis, Quervain's tenosynovitis syndrome, Raynaud’s phenomenon, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and Buerger's disease can develop cold hands symptoms, along with all other problems affecting the blood circulation. Those with Raynaud's syndrome suffer from fingertip throbbing, fingertip numbness, painful cold hands, swelling, and painful finger sensations. People with this syndrome seek relief in heat application. The circulation can be increased among these patients with the use of amino acid called L-arginine, which is a vasodilator that increases the circulation and blood flow in the human body. You can get this amino acid in supermarkets and vitamin stores and they will give results after just one use. There are many factors causing hand numbness such as multiple sclerosis, neuritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and fibromyalgia, which comes and goes. See a doctor when the problem of hand tingling appears for the first time. The tingling can be caused by the entrapped nerve in the brachial plexus group. These are nerves that are located in hands, arms and shoulders, and they come from the spinal column. The hand tingling can be caused by diabetes, which is a diseases that develops gradually and gradually increases blood sugar levels and causes problems. See a doctor if you are having a problem in question and he will determine which problem you are suffering from.


Cause of the problem needs to be found in order to treat the numbness. Minor cases can be removed with the help from massage therapy and exercises, but those caused by multiple sclerosis are very hard to treat.

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