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When it comes to losing weight, some people are simply notlucky. Because of certain medical problems, standard things like physical activityand eating control are simply not helping. What does this mean? It means thatthe only two things left to try are medications and surgery.

Taking a pill

This might be the easiest way out of the obesity problem,but that is just how it sounds, while the truth is so far from it. It means that thepill is not effective unless combined with physical activity and dieting. Therefore,when using a pill like Xenical©, for example, it will help but do not expectmiracles. Exercising and dieting is still very important and needs to be done. Unfortunately,there are those who cannot be helped with the pill, when the obesity isextreme and a pill is just not strong enough. In some extreme obesity cases sometimes even the pill in combination with the activity and dietplan is not useful enough.

Going for a surgery

Even though a surgery (liposuction, bariatric surgery andothers) seems like something that is constantly done and can be called astandard procedure, it is still a surgery with all the risks that go with it. Andit costs a significant amount of money, so people have to be careful whendeciding whether they should go for it or not. In some cases where there is simply no choice, the surgery is the only way to defeat excessive fat. When itcomes to bariatric surgery, its goal is very simple – decrease the stomach.When the volume of the stomach becomes smaller, it is logical that smalleramount of food can fit in there. This is a great effect that really works whenit comes to physical part. But the mental part is something different. Eventhough people listen to the doctors while in recovery, after a while, they getattacked by the old eating habits and that is when a real battle begins.Stomach has a smaller volume, but it can be enlarged again, with constant overeating. As for bariatric surgery diet that should be followed, first couple ofdays only liquid is allowed. After that, proteins are added in the liquids, andafter that juices are allowed. A period with liquids with highamount of proteins follows. This liquid phase lasts for about three months and might bea hell for some patients, but it has to be endured.

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