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It's All in the Genes!

Many times we hear how people justify someone's behavior by blaming it all on the genes this person carries. Truly, we are affected by traits our parents, grandparents and even previous generations of our families have carried. Genetics are transferable, meaning that we can inherit physical traits, personalities, talents and many other things from our ancestors.

Almost every cell in our body contains 23 pairs of chromosomes. Each of these pairs is made from one chromosome from our father and one from our mother. All these carry genes, which, again, carry specific characteristics of ourselves. Through genes, we get the specific hair color, physical characteristics and many other traits, including proneness to specific diseases.

Genes Unraveled

Since our cells multiply, this kind of genetic information multiplies as well, being transferred onto other cells in our body. Thereby, some genes become dominant and take over other traits we have. Thus, some people have clearly visible genetic traits of some sorts, while others remain covered or completely suppressed. Therefore, even though we might have certain genes in our body, we need not to be influenced by them. These can simply be there and have no effect on us whatsoever.

Among many illnesses which are easily transferred through our genetic predispositions, we can suffer from diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular problems and illnesses as well as high blood pressure. Moreover, if we lead unhealthy lives, while being prone to any of these conditions, we can make things even worse and be even more likely to suffer from them. Malnutrition, exposure to specific chemicals, environment we live in and many other factors all contribute to this negative aspect of our genetics.

In fact, once we secure a healthy and fit life, we may bypass our genetic “fate” and avoid it by 70%. Also, our parents may undergo specific treatments if they know about their genetic issues and avoid these being transferred onto theiroffspring.

Therefore, never neglect your genetic predisposition. Be aware of it and lead a healthy, normal life in order to counter any dangers you might suffer from, especially those which have been present in your family for decades back. Eating healthy, staying physically active, being free of stress and enjoying life, being happy - these are all key factors to achieving this kind of mental and physical bliss of well-being.

Keep this in mind and do your best not to get pulled down by some of the genetic predispositions you might have encrypted deeply in the smallest parts of your cells.

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