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Gardeningis an activity which can be very interesting, which gives a lot of pleasure andwhich physically engages your body. Every person can find beauty in thisactivity, no matter what age they are, and regardless of their health. However, those whoare in good health condition can perform any kind of activities unlike thosewho have some health issues. For those who have some disabilities, some formsof gardening could be very hard to perform. If we do more for the nature, andtry to protect the environment, we will not only do something for the ecology,but also for ourselves. We will be more outside of the house, physicallyengaged in something that is interesting and constructive.

Whenwe enter the garden, we are in touch with the nature, our senses are moreactive, we want to feel the smell of flowers, to see the colors that are aroundus. It is a profound pleasure for our soul and our entire body. Efforts that weinvest in the garden always pay-off, since we gain relaxation, feeling of beingcreative and constructive, and there is no bigger prize than that. We cangrow any fruit and vegetables in our garden. We don’t need to have a ranch forthat, all we need is a backyard. Each one of us knows how healthy it is to eatfresh fruit and vegetables. The benefits of healthy diet, especially fresh fruitand vegetables, are enormous. By eating natural products, we can reduce therisks of potentially severe conditions and it can help us to stay in good shapeand feel younger. The physical effort that we invest in nurturing our garden isvery good for our body, especially our muscles and bones. This kind of activityis mostly recommended for young women and older individuals in order to preventosteoporosis.

Besidesthe advantages of eating fresh groceries and being physically active, gardeninghas one more advantage. This advantage is that we can eat groceries thatare much healthier than those we buy in the store, which are usually treatedwith pesticides, fungicides and all sorts of unhealthy chemical products forplants. When we grow them, we do not use poisonous products and therefore theyare much healthier for us. As you can see, there are a lot of good reasons to makeand nurture your own garden, and if you want, you can start right now.

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