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There is a surgery that can eliminate chubby cheeks and get you the looks you have always wanted. While some people are satisfied with their facial features, others are not and this is mostly due to the shape of the face. Chubby cheeks are a problem of fat accumulation, which is called cheek fat or buccal fat. Several factors contribute to the creation of this problem, but the face will look round if you are having a problem with the buccal fat. The size of the cheeks can be reduced successfully and easily with surgery. There main reason for doing this surgery is to enhance one's appearance.

Lose Chubby Cheeks

First you have to find a surgeon to discuss the details of chubby cheeks surgery. There are some risks involved if you are over the age of 20, because fat dissolves naturally over time, you can have a gaunt look to your face can, long after you had this surgery. If you are taking certain medications or smoking, mention this to the surgeon, because it can be important. The doctor will then make an assessment of your condition and determine the amount of fat that needs to be extracted. Also, in order to see how capable your surgeon is, you should see photographs of his patients who had a chubby cheeks surgery.

Plastic Surgery

There are chances that a doctor will need to assess the general physical condition of your body and this can be done with a blood test. This is usually done one week before the surgery. The surgery lasts approximately one hour and it involves the use of oral sedatives or local anesthesia prior to the surgery. This will keep you awake during the procedure, but you will not feel pain. The area between the cheeks and gums is where the 2 to 3 cm incision is made and then the cutting out of the buccinators muscle follows. The buccal fat is then forced to come out by pressing the outer cheek area. The fat is removed and the surgery is almost over. Infection, although rare, can occur if precautions aren't taken.

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