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Chipmunk cheeks facts

Chipmunk cheeks is a term that refers to that extra fat on the face. This term may be considered as cute, when a person is a child, but it is embarrassing when an elders face. It is not that uncommon that people lose their self esteem because of this problem. Chipmunk cheeks may be caused by a couple of factors, like water retention or liver problems. Being overweight may cause it as well and so can a genetic predisposition. However, natural ways to get rid of this problem exist.

How to get rid of Chipmunk cheeks?

Eat properly and lose weightTo lose weight only in the cheeks, a person must go on a total weight loss program. This way, a person can lose the chipmunk cheek weight also. The important thing is that a person not only works out properly but eats the right as well. These two factors are the most important in the process of losing weight. It is very important to eliminate junk food from your diet, completely, and replace it by eating some fruit instead. It would be good if a person could have a regular time for meals and have smaller portions as well. If the problem is water retention, people need to avoid eating foods that have a lot of salt in them. On the other hand, intake of water is very important, because water helps the body get rid of unnecessary fat. It is important to drink it as often as possible.

Exercise to get rid of chipmunk cheeksLosing weight does not go without regular exercising. Even people who have chipmunk cheeks but are otherwise lean can do specific exercises for the face. These exercises will provide firmer facial muscles and make them appear tighter. On the other hand, massage techniques exist which will help with this problem as well. These massages are good because they better the blood circulation in the facial area.

Surgery to get rid of chipmunk cheeksSurgery must be considered as the last resort. Besides complications and risks of the surgery, it is quite expensive as well. If people are young, they should avoid facial liposuction and try really hard to lose weight with exercises and a proper diet.

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