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Another Path Your Fat Might Take

Usually, once we put on a several pounds,our belly starts getting bigger and more prominent, bearing witnessof this change in our body. However, some individuals, for genetic orother reasons, tend to have this weight transferred to their faces.Of course, these people do not gain weight solely on their face. Yet,the first ten pounds, let's say, end up there. This results in aconstant reminder of your unwanted, excessive body weight staring back atyou every time you look in the mirror. You will see your double chin,your prominent, fat cheeks and other things which can make one feelquite uncomfortable.

For mental self-preservation, you maycomfort yourself by the fact that all this fat could have ended up onyour belly, actually making you fat. Now, being on your face, youlook chubby, but you are slim once you wear your favorite garmentexpressing this trait of yours. Also, the weight you gain in yourface, being the thing you and others, constantly see, will be anexcellent motivator to start exercising and get rid of it.Furthermore, the extra fat on your face will actually make you look youngfor a longer time. Namely, with aging, our faces get thinnernaturally. Thus, by having this protective layer of fat on your face,you will appear younger for a longer time, until all your facial fatdisappears anyway.

Still, you might not want to wait forthat to happen. In that case, you would want to get rid of yourfacial fat quickly and effectively. Unfortunately, there is nosingle way which will help you do that. Rather, all you can do is cutdown on carbohydrates and refined sugars, introduce exercising inyour life, change your lifestyle a bit and hope for the best.

How to Lose Facial Fat?

Since fat it your face mostly comesfrom water retention this part of your body is prone to, you need tocut back on salt, since it is one of the main causes of this problem.Avoid or reduce your salt intake, especially if it comes from junkand fast food products. You might be pleasantly surprised by thechanges.

Also, some medications you are takingmay have water retention as a side-effect. Stop taking these if thisis the case, or change them.

Finally, you may use your hair and yourface in your advantage. Wear hairstyles which make you thinner andmake your face longer. Also, use skin products like makeup which arecapable of making your facial lines and bumps less visible. Choosingthe right combination of the two visual factors like these can makeyour facial weight much less prominent, even unnoticeable.Additionally, water retention is best fought by proper and sufficienthydration. Thus, drink ample of water and be amazed with the effect.

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